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A deep link with Sicilian Citrus lasting since 5 generations.

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The natural lemon and lime juice enriched with a drop of cold-pressed essential oil.



The tradition of the lemon and lime juice from concentrate.


Lemonplus Bio

Organic Sicilian natural lemon juice, squeezed and bottled in Sicily.



The delicious taste of organic natural citrus juice.


Raw materials

All the citrus taste ready to be transformed into something delicious.


Organic farming: a successful choice

In 1994, EUROFOOD obtains the certification for production and commercialization of organic food, meeting the increasing demand for healthy and natural products.

Following the great success of organic juices, the company decided to build a new factory dedicated exclusively to the squeezing and bottling of organic products.

To ensure the best quality and freshest flavor, the fruits are juiced immediately after being harvested.
Furthermore, being located in Sicily represents a great advantage in terms of food chain traceability and product quality, it also makes it easier to maintain a close relationship with the local growers.
Our product range is EU BIO, BIO SUISSE, JAS, NOP, COR, AB and China Organic certified.
Nowadays Eurofood is one of the leading companies in Europe for the production of organic citrus juices.



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