About Us


The only company to process and bottle fresh Sicilian citrus juice in the same facility.

Eurofood is an Italian citrus processing company located in Capo d’Orlando. This area, on the northeastern corner of Sicily, is renowned for the unique quality and aroma of its citrus fruit.

What distinguishes Eurofood from its competitors is that we are the only company to process and bottle fresh Sicilian citrus juice in the same facility. This allows us to preserve all of the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the juice throughout the production process.

Eurofood production also includes essential oils, pulp cells, peels and juice concentrates obtained from fresh citrus fruits.

Our Juices
and Oils

Our juices are created from the exceptional citrus fruits of the area, including lemon, orange, blood orange, tangerine and grapefruit. These products are made with the utmost care and passion, as evidenced by our line dedicated entirely to organic juices.

The abundance and incomparable quality of these citrus fruits, together with the latest technology, allow us to guarantee that our juices are exceptional in all aspects. Additionally, our proximity to farms and our direct, regular contact with local growers help us to keep every aspect of traceability in check: from the orchard to the grocery shelf and vice versa.

This, along with the continuous improvement of our quality standards, has allowed Eurofood to obtain the most important certifications.


Products are distributed to retail and foodservice and available as ingredients for industrial use.

The quality of our products is appreciated both nationally and internationally, as evidenced by their presence in the world’s most important supermarket chains and food companies.

A Family History

The Ingrillì family, founder of Eurofood s.r.l., has a deep bond with its land and with Sicilian citrus fruits that has lasted for 5 generations.

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