Sicilian Premium Natural Lemon Juice
with Lemon Oil

All the unique taste of ready-to-use lemon and lime juice, with an extra kick of flavor.

The fresh flavor of our lemon and lime juices is enhanced with a drop of cold-pressed essential oil placed inside the cap. This intensifies the aroma of the juice, while the original open and close system also guarantees freshness of the product without damaging the packaging.

LEMONPLUS line is ideal for serving salads, fish, meat and fruit, as well as for preparing delicious sauces, cakes, hot and cold drinks, lemonade and tea. Similarly, the lime juice is perfect for giving an exotic touch to your dishes and cocktails.

The entire LEMONPLUS line is made from 100% natural juices, never from concentrate, and without the addition of sugar, water or dyes.


Sicilian natural lemon juice, cold-pressed Sicilian lemon oil (in the cap), preservative: potassium metabisulfite

Available Sizes

125ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1000ml


9 months

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