The Ingrillì family, founder of Eurofood s.r.l., has a deep bond with its land and with Sicilian citrus fruits that has lasted for 5 generations.

Our story begins back in 1890 in Sicily, when farmers started to switch from silkworm cultivation to precious citrus groves. Giuseppe Ingrillì the first generation of Ingrilli farmers – decided to become part of this new adventure by planting a completely new fruit – the lemon.

one of the leading citrus companies in Italy

A long history of Innovation and Research

Giuseppe’s children followed in their father’s footsteps. His son Francesco Ingrilli (2nd generation) worked to grow the business by expanding the citrus fruit fields. After many years of growing and selling fresh lemons, Giuseppe Ingrilli (3rd generation) was inspired to expand the company’s offerings: he started to produce high-quality lemon juice in the family-owned production facility and sell the Sicilian lemon juice worldwide.

Years later, his son Dr. Francesco Ingrilli (4th Generation) broadened the business’ focus to organic products, becoming a market leader for organic Sicilian lemon juice. Meanwhile, the family kept expanding its facilities by investing in the latest production equipment. Our aim was to deliver the highest-quality, freshest products on the market while reducing the company’s environmental footprint.

Soon, the Ingrilli family realized that we could provide our customers with more than just lemon juice, so we decided to add lime juice to our product line. We partnered directly with farmers in Mexico and Brazil and began buying lime juice that they shipped directly to Italy.

Today, we bottle the lime juice – along with blood orange, orange, mandarin, and grapefruit juice – in the same production facility in Capo d’Orlando, all while following the same strict high-quality standards of the lemon juice production.

Thanks to this long history of innovation and research, we are now able to use our five generations of experience to create exceptional products and share them with the world.

Eurofood is recognized as one of the leading citrus companies in Italy. We are now equipped with 29 juice extractors and 9 filling lines for finished and industrial products, and we have 3 facilities, one of which is devoted exclusively to the organic line.

Unique Quality and Aroma

We are the only company to process and bottle fresh Sicilian citrus juice in the same facility.​

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