Lemonplus Bio

Organic Sicilian Lemon Juice

Our Sicilian Organic natural lemon juice is obtained from only the best Sicilian lemons.

Freshly squeezed and never from concentrate, Lemonplus Bio is the only organic lemon juice to be squeezed and bottled in Sicily.

Lemonplus Bio lemon juice is pasteurized and free from water, sugar or dyes, bringing all the natural aroma of Sicilian lemons from our farm to your table.

Ready-to-use and ideal for quickly garnishing salads, fish, meat and fruit, Lemonplus is the ideal substitute for fresh lemon.

It’s also great for preparing sauces, sweets, hot or cold drinks, lemonade and tea.


100% Sicilian natural Lemon juice from Organic Farming

Available Sizes

250ml, 500 ml, 1l


9 months

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