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A family history

The Ingrillì family, owner of Eurofood srl, has a deep link with Sicilian citrus fruits, lasting since five generations.

Everything began in 1890, when in Sicily the process of replacing the cultivation of silkworm with citrus fruits started. Giuseppe Ingrillì, great-grandfather of the current CEO of the company, Dr. Francesco Ingrillì, found out, during his business trips around Messina province, that the big growers of that area were starting to grow a new fruit: the lemon. After gathering some information about it, Giuseppe decided to plant this fruit in his fields located in Capo d’Orlando. He soon began the commercialization of citrus fruits, reaching around 100 hectares of fields devoted to citrus fruits, which he left then to his children. One of them, Francesco, continued his father’s business, further extending the citrus fruits fields. In 1965, thanks to the intuition of Giuseppe Ingrillì and Filippo Cacciola, who were respectively son and nephew of Francesco, the family decided to start the production of citrus juice and essential oil, setting up the company “Ingrillì & Cacciola”. While Giuseppe was looking after the plantations and the production of citrus derivatives of the new company, Filippo travelled around the world looking for new customers and products. During one of his trips, Filippo noticed the first plastic containers filled with lemon juice and decided, together with his cousin Giuseppe, to start bottling lemon juice for retailers in the company. At the beginning they bought the plastic bottles elsewhere and filled them with manual systems. Later on, in 1979, Giuseppe Ingrillì and Filippo Cacciola founded a new company called “Plastform”, in order to start their own production of plastic bottles.

In 1992, Dr. Francesco Ingrillì, chemist, took over the Plastform shares and changed the company name into Eurofood. The newborn company acquired “Ingrillì and Cacciola”, expanding consistently the citrus products range and focusing firmly on organic.

A steady and rapid growth led Eurofood to face an increasing and demanding customer base. This has encouraged the company to continuously improve its quality and structure, and to focus on the most innovative production technologies, in order to ensure high products and quality standards, without however neglecting agricultural activities on which the company continues to invest year after year.

The constant availability of raw material in the vicinity of the area of transformation, allows the company to provide to its customers a complete product traceability, from the fields, belonging to selected producers, up to the packaged product, and vice versa.

Since the 2000s, the company focuses more and more on “natural and healthy foods”, this led to the increase of organic production for the European, American, Australian and Asian market and the development and implementation of a HACCP plan with numerous quality certifications.

Eurofood has today a processing capacity of about 22 tons of juice per hour and packaging of more than 30,000 units / hour.

Thanks to its state-of-art technologies and to the advantage of squeezing and bottling the juices in Sicily, Eurofood is today a reference point for Sicilian juices worldwide.


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